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Holding Hands


Our Objectives:
The Agape Life is a wholesome life in body, soul and spirit. It is a Christ-driven and Christ-focused life that is characterised by unconditional love and pursuit of God and love of fellow humans exemplified through selfless service to all and sundry. It is giving others what they need the most when they least deserve it, at great personal cost to self.

We will focus our actions on the following objectives:

  • To help people of all cultures and across social strata to explore, understand, embrace and live the authentic Christian life without the barriers of church and religion.

  • To meet people’s need for total well-being (spiritual, psycho-emotional, physical and material).

  • To develop (by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training and all the necessary support) the capacity and skills of socially and economically disadvantaged persons locally and overseas in such a way that they are better-placed to meet their own individual needs to participate more fully in the socio-economic life of their communities, hence relieving or preventing poverty.


Our Strategy (What We Will Do):
create opportunities and the right environment for you to discover your potential and contribute to building virile communities.
open doors for you to hear God's Word become like God's Son and serve God's mission.
train you to acquire and develop skills that enable you to participate fully in the economic programs of your community.
coach you to enable you cope better with issues of life and living.
mentor you (whole life mentoring all lifelong) in various areas.
model authentic christian living and virtues.

Our Empowerment Scheme:

Through Agape Life Helpers of Destiny we run a variety of people development projects that can be accessed by everyone without prejudice. Subject to funding and demand we run the following courses and workshops:

  • Employability Skills (Operation Timothy – 2 Timothy 2:1-3) – Building a solid foundation

  • Self-Employment Skills (Operation Peter - Lk 5:4-6) – Turning failure to success

  • Leadership Development (Operation Priscilla -Acts 18:26) – Building strong leaders


Our Focus Groups:

For effectiveness, our life enrichment programs target individuals in two age groups to allow for best outcomes:

  • Youth-on-Track:  Courses and workshops on this program are open only to persons between the ages of 16 and 29 years. They are designed to give young people the opportunity and right amount and level of responsibility, so as to ignite their latent potential, enhance their skills, and build character in them. This also helps them to develop compassion, empathy, passion and solution-focused thinking.

  • Ready-for-Life: people who want to access this program must be 30 years or older.


Our C.A.P.I.D Programme:

C.A.P.I.D (Crusade Against Poverty Ignorance and Disease) is our international outreach programme to bring relieve to the suffering poor. With this program we see individuals and families that are strong and self-supporting and entire communities that have developed to the point of no longer needing outside help. We have two core projects under this program:

  • Capacity Development – we provide necessary vocational training and support to beneficiaries so they can acquire skills to become gainfully employed or to be self-employed.

  • Water4Life – water is essential for life and for development but not everyone has access to safe water. Our Water4Life seeks to provide access to safe water in disadvantaged communities in different parts of the world. We also provide training and support necessary to maintain a sustainable water supply system wherever we are involved.


Our Outcome:

People who pass through our programmes are transformed, being able to maximise their potentials and improve their all-round well-being.


Our Fundraising Services:

We know that funding is a critical factor in achieving our goals and we cannot depend entirely on voluntary donations, so we plan to raise additional funding by running Agape Life Project Charity Shop. We also plan to establish and run Agape Life Project Daycare Nursery for the same purpose of securing additional funding.


Our Discipleship Scheme:

Through Agape Life House of Prayer we meet regularly as a fellowship of Christ believers and also run a discipleship programme for those who choose to embrace the Christian faith.

  • Monthly What Would Jesus Do webinar- featuring: Refreshing discussions and Q&A on thematic issues 

  • Monthly Prayer Conference Call

  • Monthly Table Talk Evangelism  - Open discussions on topical life issues 

  • Monthly Revival Prayer Walk


How our two schemes work?

Agape Life Project consists of two interlinked and interrelated schemes that feed into each other – One Sword with Two Edges. The empowerment scheme is focused on building and equipping people, without prejudice, to discover and maximise their potential; while the discipleship scheme focuses on building and equipping Christians to become disciples, who then go on to be light and salt in the community.


Become a Partner – Join us to change the world.

We offer you a platform and opportunity to use your Time, Talents, Resources and Skills (T.T.R.S.) to further God’s Kingdom here on earth. 

Are you passionate about impacting lives? (Passion)

Are you willing to impact lives? (Attitude)

Are you able to impact lives? (Ability = knowledge + skills)

Are you ready to make a difference where it matters? (Relevance)


How You can Join us to make this Dream a Reality!

Simply visit our website and complete our online registration form. We vow never to share your details with any third party without your permission.


Your sponsorship will help someone to step confidently into the future and become a relevant and valued member of the society. As a sponsor you become a member of that special group of people who are changing the world by transforming individual lives.


Become a Champion - Agape Life Project Funding Partnership

Become a Champion for the less-privileged and the side-lined. We need people who are not just donors; we need Champions- men and women who will become a part of us, who will raise their voices on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, who will give not just their money but their time and energy, their gifts and talents.


How to be a champion:

Step 1: Make a monthly donation of any amount to sustain our work or choose a project to support and give generously towards the project.


Step 2: Register to join our pool of expert facilitators and skills providers and make your expertise available to those who are unable to pay for such skills.


Step 3: Spread the word about our work and what you are doing to sustain it. Invite your friends and your professional colleagues to support our work.


Step 4: Raise funds for us among your friends, colleagues and family members. 


Step 5: Follow our progress, join our celebrations and criticise us as necessary

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